Writing your first post on a new Blog isn’t an easy Job. One need to brainstorm ideas about it. For Businesses, its easy to write about themselves but for personal blog, its gonna be a challenge to pick a topic for the First Post because you might have already covered . So after a lot of thinking, the topic I choose for my First post was to write about how to write YOUR FIRST POST. Amusing, Right!
Thinking about First Post

Thinking About My First Post. Its Crazy

I will write the steps in headings and will explain them using myself as example. So let’s Start:

1. What is this Blog About?

This blog is my personal blog, I will share my stories here, I will post about my completed projects. I will write about some amazing events of my life which will amuse you too. I will like this blog to be a source of interaction for me with you guys specially with programmers. I will try to post one post a week and in spite of my blunt and rude nature, I will try to be as humorous as possible except that I will not be Joker because I am a bad one :p

2. What will be My topics?

Writing my first post, I don’t really have any idea that which topics I will cover or what will be the categories. I don’t even have a category to place my first post in it. But a rough idea which i had when purchasing the domain was that I will post about my events of life, Will post my codes and scripts which might help you people in your projects, I will share my completed programming projects and will share their details and will like to know your opinions, for beginner guys, I will like to show them the legit ways to earn online. I will also like to solve some myths and get answer for some famous but unanswered questions.

3. How will you guys interact?

This is the important part. Its a WordPress website and WordPress has a powerful commenting system. You people can post comments and I will try to answer each and everyone. You can also contact me using the forms. I will also appreciate guest posts if you would like to post some.

4. Why should You read What I post?

That’s a great question. Why will someone read all this? Well, everyone need something to read. Apart from books, its funny to read about some real miss happenings of real persons if the person is amused by it too. I will also share code, memes, songs, movies and useful files like PSDs etc which can save you time in your projects. Besides, My experience in the freelancing and the online business will give you good tips and tricks to start your own.
I thinks, these four titles will cover the headings of your First Post very well. You can even use my article to post on your blog but with a link back to the original one. I hoped You like it, and why not be the first one to comment on the My first Post 😛


  1. Agsharya says:

    Hello mister Abbas,

    Nice, like to read it.
    I think you have to post more,, so keep posting.

    PS: I have a brother also named Abbas, so thats nice, a namesake 🙂

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