What is the real color of the dress that broke the internet?


The mystery is finally resolved. Click here to know


Tonight, I was setting with some idiotic friends (no offence to Waheed Sohail :P) and he showed me a dress and asked for its color. The dress probably looks Gold and blue but majority says that its either gold and white or blue and black. Well after doing some research, I found that its the angle of your screen which gives You a different color. Not sure about this? Here is the picture:

1425008415925855Now just tilt your screen and You will see the different type of color which your friends are reporting.

Taking the advantage of this, some people gave lame scientific explanations for this while other said that it is a new type of color blindness. Interesting fact is that this is just a normal dress wearing a price tag of $77 and there is nothing special in it. Its just a bad photography and the excitement of peoples which led to its virility.   Let me know if tilting the screen give u some strange color like green and orange 😀

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