Dress Color Mystery Finally Resolved

So I have been saying that the dress is gold and blue like very few people and no one was believing. Well, eyes can be deceived but when it comes to Photoshop then i don’t think computers are color blind. I will prove that the dress is gold and blue in following steps:

1. First pick the colors from the dress in Photoshop or using any color picker tool.

I added the picture of the dress to Photoshop and first picked the color from the blue area aka white.dress-color-is-blue

If you look at the bottom of the color panel in the photo, u will see a hex code of the color. its #8693c0Now let’s get to the gold area which people think as black.


Now check the color is the second screenshot, showing a brownish color with a hex code of #7e6e4a. Visually, from screenshots, its proved that the dress is gold and blue now let’s prove it mathematically.

2. Comparing the color codes with that of black and white.

So you still think the dress is black and blue or gold and white. Let’s compare the color codes:

1. Color Code for black is #000000

When u want to give black color to anything in computer, your software uses the code #000000. Now if the dress was of black color then Photoshop would have given me black color code which is #000000 but it gives me brownish gold which is #7e6e4a 

2. Color Code for White is #ffffff

As said above, when u want to color something white, your software will use the color code #ffffff like this #ffffff. But using the color picker on the so called white area gave me the color code #8693c0 . This is definitely bluish or lavender Like, for your sake of convenience,  I have applied the color codes to themselves. Hence proved that majority of world needs some special glasses, specially guys like waheed sohail, iftikhar shinwari and asim ali 😀 Don’t worry no one knows them so don’t bother. Happy commenting 🙂


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